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Veteran Administration Benefits To Help Cover Care Costs

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, there are approximately 10 million veterans age 60 and older. Our veterans, like others, will start to see increase care costs as they age. The Veteran’s Administration has a variety of programs which provide assistance to those who are eligible. One frequently-overlooked benefit that applies to many of our veterans and their surviving spouses is the Aid and Attendance benefit offered by the Veteran’s Administration.

The Aid and Attendance pension program provides cash payments to veterans who served during a period of war or conflict to help cover the costs of home care, assisted living and nursing home services. The veteran’s surviving single widow(er)s are also eligible for a cash payment as well.

The Veterans’ Administration (VA) provides a monthly pension for qualified wartime veterans or their surviving spouses who are unable to work due to either a non-service connected disability or age. The Aid and Attendance benefit is part of this pension program. In order to be eligible for the pension, the veteran or veteran’s spouse must meet basic eligibility, disability and financial need tests.

The base level of pension benefit is called a Service Pension. However, many claimants qualify for a special monthly allowance to the base pension based upon his or her level of care needs. The two forms of special allowances are Home-Based Allowance and Aid and Attendance Allowance (A&A).

For a qualified veteran with a dependent in 2021, the maximum monthly amount of pension with the Aid and Attendance Allowance is $2,295 and for a single qualified veteran the maximum monthly amount is $1,936. For a qualified surviving the spouse, the maximum monthly amount is $1,294.

Understanding the VA rules and process can be complex. This is why we recommend seeking the assistance of an elder law attorney to put together a VA eligibility plan and to assist with any necessary interaction as an intermediary. Two of our attorneys, Anna M. Howard and Jacqueline M. Jaques are VA-Certified, meaning they have special training and approval from the US Department of Veterans Affairs to represent clients in this system.

Discuss Your Veteran’s Benefits Needs With An Attorney

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